Honk if you love seniors!

#CTandM isn't what you traditionally think of when you think senior housing. Through a series of blogs, we'd like to show you the new face of senior living and what we are doing to make the golden years golden.

Part 1

Our facility is different than you may think because we offer very specialized amenities. Among these, you will find a shuttle bus and transportation program. The purpose of this program is very deliberate and strategic. By using our shuttle bus, we are able to engage our seniors within the community, make memories, and offer an alternative to loneliness in retirement. 

Our shutte bus runs regularly around the city of Gallatin three times a week in addition to the special trips you see in our photos and on our facebook. To add to the fun, we have a rockin iTunes library to make the journey a bundle of laughs. It's never a dull moment on the bus!

Honk if you love seniors!