Hakuna Matata

Hukana Matata - (go ahead, sing it) -it means no worries...

That's really a good feeling, that CTandM wants more of.

Every year, we take the opportunity to end the summer with a hoopla. This year, we ate 25 lbs. of Top Hog BBQ and danced the night away with DHC. The food was hot, the snow-cones were cold... and the music was groovin'.

This is the LIFE and this feeling makes all the difference for seniors. 
We call it Gerotranscendence, and we strive for it each day for our residents. This theory originated with psychologist Erik Erikson and his beloved wife, Joan. In the phases of life, they theorized that certain steps need to be met in order to successfully develop and move to the next.

So why get theoretical at CTandM?!?  We believe in GEROtranscendence. It's tangible for us.

This idea of holistic care is three fold in our programs:

1) There is no substitute for preparedness. You have a plan in place for education, marriage, and career. Why not aging?

2) Sociability counteracts stagnation and loneliness. Fellowship is powerful. Friendship is stirring. Eliciting these even impacts both physical and emotional health positively.

3) Stability is key. Sometimes it's about what we can take away. We lift the burdens of a mortgage, property upkeep, desolation, and fear of the unknown.