Tis the season!

This time of year typically makes us think about yesteryears and those gone on before. Our loved ones, icons of our society, and nastolgia fill our hearts as we carry on the traditions, gatherings, and rituals we've grown to love. It's a treat to lay aside some of the details of today's life and sit in the middle of the living room like you did when you were 5.

One challenge of all aging practice is that of a generational gap. It gets complicated reconciling ages from our greatest generation to our centennials. Whether the groups be families, volunteers, or employees, there is an obvious contrast in society's impact on core values. Where we once lived in a time of men wearing suits with ties and hats, to people wearing pajamas (or less) in public.

How do we bridge this gap? Our philosophy at #CTandM is simple: embrace the commonalities, and learn about differences with compassion.

Our Director, Katlyn (pictured below), shares such a story that is a typical reaction of our team members and the social culture towards our mission. "In 1964, Burl Ives brought Sam the Snowman to live in the film 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'. It has always been one of my favorites to watch for and relive each year. That iconic voice and timeless story just seems to take me back to better days, or maybe just the ignorant bliss that is so beautiful in children. It was especially fun to see this story with the residents at Opryland's ICE this year. It made me feel like we were all connected by special holiday memories, while we made a few more."