Millennials Everywhere...

There seems to be so many people complaining about millennials in the workplace. Millennials come in to your workplace with their save-the-world attitude, hippy work-ethic, and participation-trophy experience. They've never known the school of hard knocks.
Isn't that what we hear the most?

With so many complaints about this selfie-taking generation, there has to be a way to better employ the talents of young people. At #CTandM, we think we've done a pretty good job of that, but we also have a different belief system. Simon Senek said it best when he discusses hiring practices in multiple "Ted Talks" and lectures. We agree with him, as he says that a company will be successful when they hire people who believe that they believe (instead of hiring people who can do what they do). When this is a purposeful value, it doesn't matter the age of your employees.

Within our programs, our younger employees are able to include the residents in millennial things. They love to explore snapchat together, as you can see. More importantly, they share something in common: our mission. We want to be known for our highly satisfied residents and staff. The next time you hear a rant about how millennials are difficult to work with, ponder this: People of all ages are at times difficult to work with. Sometimes people are dramatic, ill-mannered, and down-right rude. This, afterall, has nothing to do with age, but rather with our human condition.