Oh Baby, Mine

With all the February hearts and fun of Valentine's, we ponder about love. LOVE. It's everywhere. The media blasts us with sex and the idea that romantic love is most important.

This trend in society offends our sensibility at #CTandM, because it alienates a big chunk of the American people: seniors. As we age, it's no secret that our bodies change, our minds change, and our habits change. This tends to get a bad rap because so many people think it's all negative. Sure, there are some cons to aging... but there are some great advantages too.

Ponder these:
1) At retirement, seniors are autonomous. They don't have time constraints like they used to. Wouldn't be nice to have free time to pick and choose with whom you share your company?

2) At retirement, a lot of people are single. So often, loneliness comes from labels. Either singles are grieving a loss, or they think they are "too old" to date. This is, just ... not the case at #CTandM. We believe that there is nothing wrong with meaningful friendships, fun fellowships, and companionship.

3) At retirement, people need meaningful relationships. We all need meaningful relationships, but especially in our golden years. It's then that these relationships effect our daily routines, physical health, mental health, and spiritual well-being.

Age is in the big picture for everyone. It's not just about physical attraction or chemistry in our younger years. Sometimes we all need to consider our relationships with seniors and how we can encourage, support, and enrich their social interactions. #allyouneedislove