Old soul, youthful heart.

You all have voiced your surprise and given positive feedback about our program here at #CTandM. So much so, that our team members joke about the age of their body versus the age of their soul. These comments do much good in our efforts, and we certainly appreciate all your support and encouragement in this mission.

We get a lot of comments about how different the culture is on our campus. There are a lot of great memories, pictures, and silliness to go around. It's important to us that everyone see how our brand of senior and aging services has a distinct advantage over other resources for some great reasons.

Here are some of our top goals turned achievements that really make the difference:

  1. There is no corporate. Intentionally, our administration and governance is on-site. This gives a personal responsibility to our mission for our Board Members, Director, and teams. By having teams and volunteers on-site, we are able to build relationships that last.
  2. We do the work so that our seniors reap the benefits. Full-time team members maintain local, state, and federal compliance in regulations so that our seniors receive subsidy on their rent, discounts on services, social opportunities, and advocacy. We want to take the hassle, stress, and time wasted out of the scenario for our residents.
  3. We've separated Independent Living from "the old folks home". Our residents enjoy a full kitchen and bath in their apartments. There are no medical or meal services in-house. We believe that sometimes it's what you take away. We take away doubt, instability, insecurity, and the hassle of the upkeep. Can you imagine not worrying about the electric, the utilities, the lawn, the roof, or the appliances? That's a sigh of relief for our seniors.
  4. Our style of senior living is affordable. Did you know that each person's rent is based on income? There are wonderful programs with the U.S Department of Housing that change lives of seniors. Our team organizes, completes, and maintains these benefits for our residents. That way, our team can squeeze the most out of a fixed income and ease the stress of paperwork.
  5. We're young at heart, and full of life. Each team member holds respect and esteem for the older person. Their training makes them good at aging services, but their heart makes them good with aging people. The Director doesn't shy away from hiring all ages. Our residents enjoy "millennial things" like itunes, wifi, facebook, and snapchat. The golden years don't have to be filled with moth-balls.