What do those letters mean?

Letters behind a name are an important tool in developing a specific care-plan. You need professionals that are equipped and educated to advise you of not only the best practices, but also the pitfalls. Whether for ourselves or someone else, it's better to plan ahead for this process we like to call aging (a.k.a life)!

#CTandM firmly believes in education and in preparedness. For this reason, our administrative team members are gerontology students and practitioners. They each have a respective wheelhouse and continue to grow their knowledge base within their specialty. Combined, our team of specialists offer specific instruction in the following areas:

  • The Journey of Aging    
  • Entitlement Programs
  • Health Transitions as we grow older
  • Quality of Life Choices
  • The Senior Housing Market
  • Caregiver 101
  • Mental Health & Aging
  • Grief & Bereavement
  • Tough Conversations in Aging  
  • Behavioral Compliance for Professionals
  • Aging Development: Preparing a Plan