We <3 Ronnie McDowell

You'll be hard-pressed to find a kinder, more genuine person than our friend, Ronnie McDowell. While an accomplished recorded vocalist, performer, and artist, he continues to be humble and accomodating to his fans. 

Our Director, Katlyn, comments:
"My uncle Cullen, who had Down Syndrome, loved Ronnie because he looked and sounded like Elvis. Growing up in Portland, we got tickets to every show in the area. After each show, we stood in line to be able to see Ronnie and the crew.

When he could have left after a long night, Ronnie stayed for hours to speak to each person in the line. He signed autographs, took a million picutures, and heard every story. There was never an ill look or harsh word. Happily, he received us all as family.

Here, nearly 25 years later, I am still following the talented Ronnie McDowell and enjoy his events so much. Ronnie made Cullen feel extra special, and for that,
I will forever be in love with Ronnie McDowell".

Scot England has just produced the quick-selling biography highlighting Ronnie McDowell's life story. In his book, England documents the early days of the beloved McDowell family, discusses Ronnie's extensive music career, and his experiences with fawning women and the big names of country music. A refreshingly positive tale, England has knocked this one out of the ballpark. "Bringing it to You Personally" is on sale now at ronniemcdowellbook.com. Hurry before they sell out!