The Greatest Generation

An estimated 60 million lives were lost in the second great war. To young people, history books present this tragedy as a fight for power in a far away land. They don't always learn about what a struggle those left here at home had to fight. Our beloved #GallatinTN is rich in history and pride for our military, as many families faught for their way of life and their loved one at war.

Pictured is a ration card used by military wife Adelle Russell Sindle. Her husband, Roger Allen Sindle (pictured), was wounded in the Navy. Their young daughter (Faye Allen Sindle Butler; pictured) was proud to support her favorite soldier. This family was one of many here in Sumner County, Tennessee who experienced the War at home.

After all, "There's the wrong way, the right way, and the NAVY way"! - Mr. Barry North, 91 years young, and proud Veteran of WWII: stationed at Midway Island.

Thank you to the Greatest Generation for sacrificing so much for our country and our freedom. We owe you the greatest respect.