Keeping it fresh.

All the things I heard about old people growing up were negative. Is that all there is to look forward to?

The smell of avon and moth balls. Blue hair. Cheek Pinching. Burnt baked stuff. Terrible driving. Cranky grannies. Crochet mittens. Dirty old men. Old candy. Gross breath. False teeth. Panty hose. Funeral homes. Dull Bingo. Arthritis Cream burning your nose hair. Geritol. Curlers. ... it goes on forever.

Well yeah, all those are true. It happens, but the beautiful part is this: It doesn't have to.

There's a silver tsunami of the baby boomers retiring. Why don't we break the stigma?

If you haven't noticed, the CTandM team is young and vibrant. That's because we want to keep our clientele vibrant. Chronological age doesn't change, but it's application certainly can.

By employing up-and-comers and rising stars of the industry, we keep our mission fresh. Who wants a stale campus with stale employees in a dead-end job? No thanks.

Let's get to the good stuff. Like sno-cones, hawaiian leis, and live music!