She's too young.

What's so special about ME? Well, nothing. I attribute every goal reached to a wonderful team.

I may be the leader, but it's my team that makes me look good. I can sincerely say that individually we are subject matter experts that collectively are shaking up our community's thoughts on aging. The team has their own specific field that brings a unique talent to our collaborative efforts. 

When students graduate, they typically have enough zeal to save the world. They put on their resume that they just want to help people. Being the antagonist that I am, I have to ask who they want to help and how are they going to do it. That's not such an easy question to answer.

Each member of my team begins to develop their specific goals within our scope of practice that day. Whether it's social work, psychology, business management, or gerontology... we never stop learning.

I love this life.