Not goodbye, just see you later

As we bid "bon voyage" to one of our oldest and dearest friends, we celebrate her talent, compassion, and selflessness given in the last 25 years.

Rose Pasquinelli began her career here at #CTandM in February of 1991 under the leadership of former Director  David Schreiner. Together, they formed a vital program that would assist residents in all avenues of social work. With her Masters of Social Work education, Rose soon set a standard of service that has been unparralled in the county.

Today, the Service Coordination program is unlike any of it's kind. In a world where aging is growing and services shrinking, Rose has been able to grow both the in-house consultation and the outreach from our campus. Residents and Visitors alike look to Rose as the foremost resource for informaton in the areas of:

  •          Medicare and Medicaid
  •          Entitlement Programs
  •          Insurance and Benefits
  •          Long-term Planning
  •          Community and Professional Resources
  •          Advocacy and Family Liaison
  •          Conflict Resolution and Resident Relationships

         ...and so much more.


What will we do now?
Here at #CTandM, we cherish the legacy and example that Rose has given. We are certainly proud of her many accomplishments and the day is bittersweet for all. We will, however, press on with Jasmine at the helm of our Service Coordination program and make Rose proud. Stay tuned for more information about Jasmine and the program.