Heart-work in Action

Food Program

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CTandM’s mission is powerless if it can’t be seen in action.
It is our belief that acting upon our mission is a service that starts with the heart. In this family-friendly environment, our team is ever vigilant to take note of elders that are struggling or may be in a financial situation that would affect their pantry. The Heart-work in Action program provides canned goods, toiletries, and other necessities to our residents who may encounter a time of need.

If you would like to be a part of this life-changing effort, please click donate now and join us in this effort.

Honorariums & Memorials

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James Baldwin once said, “Children have never been good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them”.
CTandM has a rich history with so many wonderful people crossing our path. Each one touches our lives and teaches us how to live.  These people have given selflessly and been an example.

Does someone inspire you? Have they changed you to better serve others?

An honorarium or memorial is a great way to say thank you,
share their wisdom, or keep their memory alive.
Click here now and share your heart-work.

Social Services

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According to Jenna Morasca, “Human Beings value the experience that comes with age. We are reminded over and over again from statements like 'older and wiser' and 'respect your elders,' promoting age as something to be cherished and respected”.

A vital part of this reverence we have is the realization that retirement can be difficult. There are times we encounter an elder who is earnestly pushing forward, though their burdens may strip them of their dignity and resources. We never want to see our residents destitute, hungry, or having to choose between groceries and prescriptions.

In tandem with our social work program, we are often asked if there is a way the community can help. The answer is YES. Donate here and our team will be responsible fiduciaries of the funds solely used for recompensing dignity and stability of our elders in our campus that are in need.